What to Expect at a Club

So you've never been to a swingers club and you're wondering what to expect.  Just reading this has your heart pounding with nervousness, excitement and anticipation.  You have heard all kinds of crazy things on the Internet.  Those crazy porn videos have you thinking.  Clubs are just to crazy for us.  We've heard all kinds of stories from people about what they expected to find there.  One of the most comon is you have to take all your clothes off at the door and have sex with everybody....  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I guess there could be a place like that be we have never heard of one.  

Nothing could be further from the truth.  When entering a club for the first time, you are greeted with an area that looks just like...wait a minute...it looks just like a bar.  There are chairs, tables, a bar area and a dance floor.  Am I in the wrong place?  No, you've just been watching a little too much TV.  A club is just that for the most part, a club.  People are dressed just like they are going out to a local "vanilla" club.  They come to socialize, dance and meet other people. 

Now your thinking "that can't be all".   You would be correct about that.  After a short while, some may choose to dress a little more intimately while some prefer to remain in the clothes they arrived in.  Whether or not you choose to dress to match them is entirely up to you.  Many first time visitors decide to simply dance, be social and take in the view, some choose to participate in some of the activities.  It is entirely up to you.  One of the most important rules to remember is that nothing is expected of you, you can act as you feel comfortable.  One other big difference is that it is not impolite to stare, a bit.  In fact, you might find that getting caught "checking out" another mans wife might lead her (possibly with his encouragement) to make sure you leave no sights unseen.

Another big difference is the play areas.  This is designated private or semi private rooms for use by couples as they like.  Whether or not you chose to join others is up to you, and them.

On our first visit, my husband and I both thought it might be a bit wild for us.  Perhaps just meeting another couple one on one is a better way.  To our pleasant surprise, a club is probably the least intimidating experience we could imagine for getting into the lifestyle.  People as a whole were easier to talk to and more pleasant than any other night club we had been to and no one ever at any time pressured us.  In fact, as people found out we were new, they offered simple words of advice that usually included to know our boundaries and don't do anything we are not comfortable with.  The encouraged us to take our time participating in activities and offered that it was acceptable to just hang out and watch a little if that is our comfort level.

For those looking to take in some sights a little more risque, some of the semi-private rooms will offer an opportunity to peek in and check it all out.

Hopefully, this has answered some of your questions about what to expect.

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