1) Why no single men?

One of the reasons for starting a group and orginizing events was many people we talked to were unhappy about events that allowed single men.  although they said the vast majority of them were nice, too many were overly aggressive, lurkers or just hung around making them feel "creepy".  There are other clubs and groups that allow single men but this group is for those that prefer single men not be admitted to events. No, we will not help find anyone a "date".

2) Does a couple need to be married?

No, we prefer married or committed couples however FWB are allowed as well.  We do ask that you are fully comforatable with each other.  You should arrive together as men by themselves will not be admintted.  If your wife is just parking the car, you will need to wait until she arives at the door before you can enter.

3) Can I Invite other people?

Absolutly, in fact, we encourage it.  They will need to register on the website first.

4) Why can't we leave and reenter?

Simple, these clubs only exist if the neighborhood accepts thier existance.  Not pissing off the neighbors by having a large volume of foot traffic in and out or people hanging around outside is a good start.

5) What is dressing Sexy?

This is a non-public club and therefore you are free to where what ever you want. Many women will decide to change into lingerie, some will dress in much less, some will just stay in their street clothes. Its up to you.

6) Can we pay at the door? 

You can pay at the door but keep in mind 2 things.  There is room for about 60 couples.  When the club is full, its full.  If we feel it could be a problem we send a message to everyone that just registed.  Second, there is no credit card processing on site so you will need to pay in cash.

7) We are not a "perfect" body type.  Will people accept us?

You will find that there are people of all body types at our events.  Lifestyple people come in all shapes, ages and races. Everyone fits in, no matter what your age/race/size.  Lifestyle people in general are far more accepting  and less superficial than others.

Please send us some more questions to add.

The Lifestyle Playtime Club

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